We are proud to employ experienced, mature and qualified educators who through their professionalism, caring, dedication and commitment have previously achieved a Rating Notice of high quality through the former National Accreditation Process. The educators are now working on the National Quality Standard to provide the best learning outcomes for your child.

We ensure that our educators have access to a broad range of training opportunities. This guarantees their professional development is ongoing and will enhance their knowledge and skills.

Our educators enthusiastically work with a range of other professionals eg. speech therapists, to meet the individual needs of all the children.

Educator & Management Objectives

  • To provide the opportunity for open communication between educator and families.
  • To invite the active involvement of all families and the wider community within the service.
  • To promote and actively support inclusion as an integral part of our program and practices.
  • To support a high-quality environment by enhancing educator skills through an on-going professional development program.


Veronica Morales
Bachelor of Early Childhood
Service Manager
Sarah Omeike
Diploma in Children’s Services
Assistant Manager & OHS Rep
Paula Smith
Diploma in Children’s Services

Maddison Lucich

Diploma in Children’s Service


Kindergarten Teacher/ Educational Leader



Diploma in Children’s Services

Claudia Trejo
Diploma in Children’s Services