Q1. Do you use relief staff?

Parents may notice that sometimes the teachers responsible for a particular room may be away.  When this occurs we will need to replace the permanent teacher with a relief teacher.  We will always endeavour to ensure that at least one person in the room is familiar to the children.

Q2. Are Volunteers and/or Students present at the Centre?

Our service often has students from local Secondary schools on work experience and Early Childhood students on practicum placement visiting the centre.  When this happens you will be introduced to the new people working in your child’s room.

Volunteers and students are fully supervised by permanent educators and are not left alone with the children at any time.

Q3. Do I have to pay on a public holiday?

If your child is attending full-time the normal fee will apply. If your child attends part time and their day of attendance falls on a public holiday we will swap you to another day if there is availability on other days, if not you will not be charged for the day, however, if there is a vacancy and you do not want to take the day we will charge the normal fee.

Q4. My child is sick. Can they still come to the Centre?

Please answer the following questions:

› Does your Child have green or yellow discharge from their nose?
› Does your Child have a temperature?
› Has your Child vomited or had a bout of diarrhoea?
› Does your Child have an unexplained rash?
› Is your Child on medication for the first time?
› Does your Child have discharge from their eyes?
› Does your Child have unexplained spots on the hands, feet or mouth?

If you have answered “Yes” to any of the above please keep your child at home!