Our on premises cook prepares fresh meals daily for our children. The meals are a variety of nutritionally balanced hot and cold dishes that are assessed by the Healthy Eating Advisory Service. We cater for a range of cultural requirements which includes Halal, Vegetarian and Vegan meals.  Please let us know if your child has any special dietary needs or food allergies.

We also supply morning and afternoon teas. There is a menu near the kitchen and in each room. We love new ideas, so if you would like to suggest a new menu or recipes please let us know. If you pick up your child from the service  after 5:00pm you will need to provide a snack for him/her. Please just bring fruits or sandwich, no sweets.

Our meal times are pleasant social events where children and educators relax and discuss daily events.

 Infant Formula

The educators in the 6 months- 2 years room will prepare formula for baby’s bottles on request.  The formula must be in the original container.

Breast Feeding

Mothers are welcome to come in during the day to breast feed their babies.  Alternatively milk may be expressed into bottles.  Please ensure the bottles are given to the teachers on arrival at the service for immediate refrigeration.