All children must wear a hat when outdoors. They must be a bucket hat and NO caps. We will provide a hat for your child at a cost if you do not bring one or you can buy one of ours for your child. You and your child (older children) have the responsibility to bring a hat every day. If you forget to bring the hat for your child one day we will provide a spare hat for that day. However if you keep forgetting the hat your child will no be allowed to play outdoors. We are a SunSmart service therefore we have to follow the Cancer Council guidelines in relation to sun protection.


In order to keep the cost of fees to a minimum, parents who have children in nappies are asked to supply disposable nappies for their child whilst they are in care. A minimum of 4 nappies is required for each day.


During your child’s day at the service, they may be painting, climbing, digging, crawling and running.  So the type of clothing and shoes they wear is very important.  Clothing should allow for plenty of movement.  Please keep in mind that your child will be encouraged to wear a smock during art activities but this does not always guarantee that they will not get paint on their clothing.

As the weather in Melbourne often varies throughout the day, it is better that children are sent in layers of clothing so that they may remove or add a layer as needed throughout the day. Also no singlets are allowed as we are SunSmart service and we follow the Cancer Council guidelines.


It is also important for your child’s safety that they wear appropriate shoes.  Please make sure that your child does not come to the centre in thongs or slip on shoes.  This type of shoe does not provide proper protection when children are running or climbing outdoors.  Gumboots are great fun in winter but are not safe for climbing.  If your child wants to bring their gumboots, please bring along another pair of shoes as well.

Spare Clothing

You should have a complete set of spare clothing in your child’s bag.  Depending on the season, this should include tee-shirts or skivvies, shorts or long pants, 2 pairs of underwear (more if your child is toilet training) and socks.  This will allow your child to change and stay comfortable should they have an accident or get wet during the day.

Please clearly write your child’s name on all your children’s clothing including jackets, hats, socks and shoes.  The educators are not responsible for lost items of clothing and footwear.

Water Bottles

We encourage children to drink water as much as possible during the time that are with us. You will need to bring a BPA free bottle, labelled with your child’s name every day.