The funded kindergarten program is run by an Early Childhood teacher. The kindergarten sessions are delivered over the whole week from 9:00am to 2:00pm. The funded kinder program will run during the school terms and during the school holidays the Diploma educator will run the program while the teacher is away.

The Learning Framework

The early years are the most transformative in a child’s life highlighting the rapid learning, growth and development, which occurs during the kindergarten year.

Through the kindergarten program we work towards assisting and supporting children to smoothly transition to school by providing a holistic, intentional and flexible approach that promotes the development of children’s learning.

Throughout the year we provide numerous learning experiences that enhance children’s learning disposition such as:

› Various Excursions and Incursions

› Road Safety awareness

› Nutrition and Health eating initiatives

› Library borrowing service

› Events and celebrations on our yearly calendar of events

› Caring for Centre pets

› Gardening and growing fruits, vegetables and herbs

› Community Projects

›  An end-of-year graduation ceremony

Parent/Teacher interviews will take place during the middle of the year to discuss the child’s progress and development in the year prior to school.

Each child attending the kindergarten program will receive a Transition and Learning Development Statement which is the forwarded on to the school they will attend.