If your child is sick or unable to attend child care for any reason, please notify the service as soon as possible.

The Child Care Benefits Scheme allows families to still receive fee assistance on days of absence in the following circumstances.

1.      Approved Absences (Unlimited) – This includes all Public Holidays, all sick days with a Medical Certificate supplied, RDO’s (accompanied by a letter from the employer on company letterhead)

2.      Allowable Absences (42 days per financial year) for other reasons.  This includes annual leave, sick days without a medical certificate and annual leave.

For more information about Child Care Benefits and absences refer to the ‘Things You Need To Know About Child Care Benefit’ brochure available from FAO.

Late Pickup

All children are to be collected from the service by 6.00pm.  We understand that parents may occasionally be caught in traffic or tied up in some other way.  However, it is your responsibility to collect your child or to make alternative arrangements for them to be picked up from the Centre if you are unable to do so.

For further information about fees, please refer to the relevant section of the Policy Handbook.

Allergies and Anaphylaxis

You must inform us if your child suffers from allergies, asthma or anaphylaxis. You must provide us with a copy of your child’s action plan and any appropriate (required) medication.

Sick Children and Medication

The health and safety of all children at our service is important to us.  When a child becomes ill, we believe that the best place for that child to be is at home with their family.  Infections spread quickly amongst groups of children, and the most effective way of preventing the spread of infection is for parents to keep sick children away from the service.

If a child becomes ill whilst at the service, your child’s teachers will notify you during the day using the information provided on your enrolment form.  It is vital that this information be kept up to date.  Please let us know immediately if you change your address, phone numbers or emergency contact people.

If your child is returning to the service from a recent illness or needs to take medication for any other reason, teachers can administer the correct dosage during the day.  However, under the Education and Care law and Regulations, this can only be done if the medication is in the original container and the information is recorded in the medication book and signed by the parent.  Your child’s educator will be able to assist you.

For further information about medications and sick children please refer to the relevant sections in the Policy Handbook.

Vacating your place at the Service

Families must notify the Director 1 week prior to leaving the service.  Failure to do so will result in families being charged one week fees.